Convenient Trigger Sprayer for Quart Bottles
Convenient Trigger Sprayer for Quart Bottles

This trigger sprayer is ideal for converting the quart bottle into a compete application system for smaller applications. The trigger sprayer will only fit the quart bottles.  They do NOT fit the gallon bottles.

Shipping costs for the trigger sprayer are waived with a purchase 1 US quart or more Ray & Rain Repellant® Waterproofing.



“I do have to say, your product DOES work, and well, and I will tell anyone who is interested or seems to need it.”  Lynn M.  (NY)



“I really will try to tell all my boating friends how great your product really is.  At first I wasn’t convinced, but after my first test I couldn’t believe how great it worked!”  Steve W.  (MI)



“Your rain repellant really worked great.  It kept the rain off the table and we could barbeque without getting wet.”  Bill E.  (FL)



“I purchase your product and applied it.  It rained at least 6 times HARD since Oct. and my car top did not leak once.”  “YOUR PRODUCT IS AWESOME!”  Bernie H.  (AL)




“Thank You”  Bill M.  (FL)