Ray & Rain Repellant Waterproofing + Anti-fade Protection
4-Pack of 1 US Gallons
Ray & Rain Repellant Waterproofing + Anti-fade Protection 4-Pack of 1 US Gallons
4 Gallons will cover approximately 6000+ Sq.Ft.

 "The Best Protection Under The Sun"

5 Patents Worldwide!

Ray & Rain Repellant® is a break-through in outdoor fabric waterproofing protection.  It is safe on all types of fabrics.  No other product can provide such a superior protective coating against water damage, stains and fading from the sun.  2 U.S., and 1 E.U., Canadian and Japanese patents granted.

 Laboratory Tested

Extensive testing by an independent laboratory of Atlas Material Testing Technology was performed on various textiles using an AATCC 16 Xenon Arc ASC accelerated light fading protocol.  Results show a significant improvement in color retention on fabrics treated with Ray & Rain Repellant®


Ray & Rain Repellant® can be applied to any outdoor fabric that is exposed to sun, soil and weather.  Each gallon will cover approximately 1500 - 2500 sq. ft. [L x W] depending on fabric type and density.  


Ray & Rain Repellant® can be stored at the end of the season and will still be 100% effective when use at the beginning of the next season.


Items treated with Ray & Rain Repellant® will dry faster when the weather clears allowing for quicker storage.

* Multi-case discount available. 
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“I do have to say, your product DOES work, and well, and I will tell anyone who is interested or seems to need it.”  Lynn M.  (NY)



“I really will try to tell all my boating friends how great your product really is.  At first I wasn’t convinced, but after my first test I couldn’t believe how great it worked!”  Steve W.  (MI)



“Your rain repellant really worked great.  It kept the rain off the table and we could barbeque without getting wet.”  Bill E.  (FL)



“I purchase your product and applied it.  It rained at least 6 times HARD since Oct. and my car top did not leak once.”  “YOUR PRODUCT IS AWESOME!”  Bernie H.  (AL)




“Thank You”  Bill M.  (FL)