There’s nothing quite like falling asleep in a tent to the sound of falling rain. The steady pitter patter of rain hitting canvas is enough to send me to sleep in seconds! It feels cozy, atmospheric, and a little adventurous. 

But it loses quite a bit of it’s romantic feel when you have to deal with your shoes getting stuck in mud or, heaven forbid, your tent leaking. Then it can lead to all sorts of frustrations, especially when you’re tent is the place you’re using to keep you and all of your equipment dry. 

Unfortunately, with enough time, wear, and tear, almost all tents start to become less waterproof. Polyurethane starts to peel, seams start to suffer, and water trickles in as a result. 

Thankfully, getting your hands on some high-quality tent waterproof spray can solve the problem. Waterproofing a tent restores (or bolsters) the waterproof barrier and stops the leak in no time.  

We highly recommend employing Ray & Rain Repellant Waterproofing + Anti-fade Protection to keep your tent protected, so it can protect you! You’ll want to equip your equipment with this spray and keep the water at bay. 

Wondering how to waterproof a tent?

Begin with a standing, clean tent, though, or the waterproofing will not be as effective as it could be. If you’re waterproofing a tent that isn’t brand new, then be sure to wash it down with water and a gentle soap first. When that’s done, use a water hose to ensure all the soap’s been washed away (along with the dirt and grime). 

From there, let the tent air dry. And finally, use the best tent waterproofing spray you can find to apply an even layer over every surface. 

Got a big tent? Use a ladder for help reaching the topmost portions. 

Top tip: while you want to cover every inch of the tent surface, make sure you’re not too liberal with your waterproof tent spray. A single, even layer of waterproofing works better than a double coat. 

After you spray down the surfaces of the tent, it is time to seal the seams. These are the areas that are most susceptible to water leaks, so they need special attention. 

Last but not least, leave the spray for waterproofing to air dry before taking the tent down and packing it away. 

With Ray & Rain Repellant Waterproofing + Anti-fade Protection rain on your tent can be calming, leading to sweet dreams, rather than water logged nightmares.

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