Summertime is almost here! It is time to make sure you have all of your beach essentials ready for some fun in the sun. Sunscreen, water toys, floats, towels, and an umbrella will make your vacation smooth sailing! We are expected to have a hot summer, so it is crucial that you lather up sunscreen and take much needed time in the shade under the umbrella. These are some important things to keep in mind in order to choose the perfect beach umbrella!


Different Frames

Wood framing can be made from teak, eucalyptus, or other hardwood materials. Though they are repellent to insects, rot, moisture, and other weather elements, overtime exposure to these things will affect the umbrellas frame. Wood framing can be more difficult to set up and is also not flexible, making them less suitable for windy conditions.


Aluminum framing may not be as aesthetically pleasing as the wood umbrellas; however, they have many advantages. These frames are extremely durable to harsh weather conditions and are less likely to snap in high winds. This is due to the material’s flexibility. These umbrellas are also lightweight, so can be easily taken down and carried.


Fiberglass framing is the most durable for umbrellas in strong weather conditions. It is lightweight, easy to set up, and can survive in the harshest windstorms. These frames also will not rust or rot. Though fiberglass frames tend to be on the pricier side, they will last many summer seasons!


Metal frames are probably the flimsiest, however they are extremely cheap. These are perfect for a one week or weekend use. Metal frames are not recommended for prolonged use of the umbrella.



There are many fabric options for umbrellas which include polyester, oxford, and canvas. These are all widely popular in many beach stores and provide adequate sun protection. All fabrics unfortunately are subject to damage due to sun exposure and weather conditions. It is important to use a fabric protection spray so your beach umbrella can be used over many vacations!


A single application of Ray & Rain Repellant®  will last for an entire season.

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